Grandparents are parents of parents. They are part of important public health decisions, implications and policies for society. Their mental health cannot be ignored as they parent another generation.

Family knowledge, information, and wisdom are passed down through our grandparents to help to preserve us. It is believed that the reason to have three generations living together is for survival. Early family relationships play a pivotal role protecting young adults against mental health risks.

More people are becoming grandparents and an estimated 2.7 million grandparents co-reside with their minor grandchildren and are responsible for their needs. These grandparents find themselves, often unexpectedly, raising a second generation of children which can be exhausting and stressful. 

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Important Stats about Grandparents

  • Since 2001, the number of grandparents has grown by 24 % from 56 million to 70 million

  • 96% of adults are grandparents by age 65

  • Grandparents have, on average, 4 to 5 grandchildren

  • 8 of 10 say the caregiving arrangement is not financial

  • 94% love caring for their grandchildren

  • 2 of 5 grandparents say the job of caregiving is tiring

From the 2018 American Association of Retired Person National Survey

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