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    Postpartum is Forever challenges the existing status quo in our society today. All families deserve social support for a lifetime. Learn more and order your copy today!

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    A companion to the Factoring in Fathers book, it’s designed to engage you in addressing the unmet needs of expectant and new fathers.

  • Factoring in Fathers

    Parental Mental Health: Factoring in Fathers shifts the focus of the maternal mental health movement to a parental mental health approach that includes the mental well-being of all parents, no matter what the gender.

Postpartum is Forever

The period of time we call “postpartum” does not end. It is forever.

Support for families must never be exclusive or discriminatory. Everyone deserves to be loved and nurtured throughout life. Gender and age do not hinder giving and receiving care, empathy and kindness. Throughout life’s journey from birth to death caring for others is what binds us together. Parental Mental Health captures the essence of conception, birth and beyond. There are no boundaries. It is what being inclusive truly means.

Knowledge, empathy, and attention to the generational mental health needs of expectant and new families strengthen our communities and make them healthier.


The mental health of grandparents cannot be ignored as they parent another generation. They are part of important public health decisions, implications and policies for society.

Factoring in Fathers

Fathers must be included in the discussion about early parenthood, to foster a gender-equitable, whole-family approach to parental mental health.

Meet Jane Honikman

Jane is a leader of the social movement to promote the emotional wellbeing of families.

She continues to work with individuals and groups of all sizes and would love to hear from you. 

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